About the blog

All of SAMK’s alumni are welcome to write for the Alumni Blog. You can also tip-off about a friend, a relative – whoever! We are looking for ordinary people to participate in writing the blog. We can also help with the rough drafts, so you don’ t have to be a pro in writing.

Instructions: Framework for a column or a piece of text

Topics may range freely from the working life to learning or education (or life!). You can choose a point of view or a small detail to focus on. Focused and tangible approaches are more interesting and they speak to the audience better than a general introduction to the topic. Your text can be very commonplace in its content and in style.

You can picture e.g. other alumni as the audience. However, our audience is diverse: they are in various industries, different working environments, etc.

If you prefer writing columns, feel free to use humour! Or if you are a physio or a running couch, give us your ‘5 tips for streching’. In other words, the topic and style are free, your style is as good as anybody’s.

Stories that only contain text should be about 2,000–2,900 characters long. The use of images and links is allowed. Blogs with an extensive number of images may have considerably less text.

Contact us at agora@samk.fi.